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Seneca Seneca out of Sampson 8/22-23/20

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Fished north of Sampson to the north end and back Saturday and managed five Lakers over 12 hours---all caught jigging out of the back of a 28 foot Carver.  Caught a couple of little ones (19" and 21"), 2 @ 25", and 1 @ 28" (looked like a nice wild fish).  I fished Sunday morning for a few hours north of Sampson and managed one @ 27".  Also had a few hits and lost a few after a short fight (typical jigging stuff) on both outings.  Still crappy fishing but Saturday was probably my best day since I got back on Seneca a year ago.
Also learned how to use the timer on my phone's camera for a selfie. :lol:




Here's the 28 incher...



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I still camp at Sampson with my truck camper but haven’t fished the lake the last two years. I plan to start fishing next spring again. Drop me your email. We can talk politics. Good to here from you. Trump 2020. 

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