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Sold / Closed 2 Sets of Never UsedCannon Digitroll-IV Downriggers!

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Ernie 585-872-0927 In Webster Close to 104 and Hard Rd Everything shown and/or listed $1500.00

Two complete sets of Cannon Digi-trol IV downriggers ( Leader and Follower) with extendable booms, swivel bases, base locks, three rod holders per unit, Cannon Covers, Retro-Ease Weight Retrievers, Logic Relay,  DT IV Transducer (This was installed on the boat however, after a change in plans, it was never energized and than removed), Uni-Release, Gimbal Mounts to mount downriggers into recessed rod holders, Big-Body Cannon Lock assemblies, Two 10# downrigger weights and the post for mounting the Rear Mount Dual Rod Holder to the downrigger. The original information of the Digi-troll IV is copied because this is what I am selling and what you are buying. and not anything more or less and since they  have been around for a while almost everyone will express an opinion about them either real or imagined.

 Cannon® Diqi-Troll" IV is designed for serious sport fishermen who demand the ultimate in downrigger technology. Digi-Troll IV's electronic control lets you program three descent and retrieve speeds and five different depths, then access them at the touch of a button. Its cycle-function will jig your bait or lure up and down at a predetermined depth and time interval - a feature West Coast fishermen find particularly effective for Pacific salmon.

   Digi-Troll IV's expanded bottom tracking mode is more sensitive than ever before. Digi-Troll IV follows the bottom contour, and keeps your weight at a preset distance off the bottom - even though the contour changes by as little as one foot. The unit can be programmed to minus 50 feet to compensate for blow-back and allow truer bottom tracking. Digi-TroIl IV's Depth Display Screen, similar to a flasher, shows you the true bottom depth.

 Install one master model Digi-Troll-IV which is linked to a transducer, and all your Digi Troll IVs (slaves) can be linked to bottom tracking through the logic relays. You can run multiple sets at different depths, say, the master unit at 30 feet off the bottom, units one and five at 10 feet, and units two and four at 6 feet. They'll remain that distance from the bottom, no matter how the contour changes. Digi-TroIl IV's improved single board circuitry allows the slaves to bottom track while the master performs other functions, such as cycling.

 Digi·Troll IV --Three-speed computerized down rigger. Saltwater and freshwater. Computerized control with 5-depth memory. Single board circuitry. Optional bottom tracking prevents underwater snags w/master unit and logic relays. Depth display screen. Low voltage warning system. Auto-Up'" weight retrieve with Soft- Stop'" eliminates jerking, stops weight at water line. 235 ft./min. retrieve rate. Non-fouling cable reel with 400 ft./150-lb. test corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel cable. Clutch/brake. Positive-locking rod holder (rec. max. 30-lb. class tackle). Snap-on terminator. Ball storage hook. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Ernie 585-872-0927 In Webster Close to 104 and Hard Rd








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Price not included initially, Item Sold 9/2/20
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