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King Trip with the Old Man


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Being new to the fishery, need a little help as I'm planning my second trip to Lake O but this time with my 74 year old dad. It's time for me to repay him for all the times he took me fishing as a kid on Lake Erie!  How far into September does the fishing stay good closer to shore for the big matures?  My Dad can't handle rough seas anymore so I don't want to have to take him out to 500 FOW to find fish.  We are thinking about launching out of Wilson, seems like a good central point for the action with some restaurants and a few places to stay.  We will get a slip at one of the marinas and stay 3 days of fishing.  Looks like the boat launch is at the state park, so not as convenient as the set up at Olcott where I launched last time, but Wilson might be a little more comfortable for him.  Let me know if you guys have any advice and thank you in advance!!  

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