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Legacy -The 2020 Season-


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IMG_1842.thumb.JPG.9b3a31c9113c279e0cdbbfa3177f49cb.JPGwell mom couldn’t go to night so I took the cross bow try and have a little fun from the ground sat behind. A viney Daedalus fall along the corn. And. Had 4 does come with 40 yards never had a clue she worked in to 30 and my first one with crossbow

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Vine filled deadfall

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November 7 pm
79 degrees
SW wind 5-15
Mostly sunny

Another crazy afternoon sit from the willows!!! The intense action started about 4 pm when the deer began to pour into the field from every direction. Bucks everywhere and of all sizes scent checking and chasing does. Had bucks working field edge scrapes, grunting, posturing, chasing each other away from does. For once most of the action ended up on my end the field.
I spotted tonight's kill working his way down the field to the west of me. He could resist the flock of does that were feeding in front of me so of course he came to investigate. There was four other bucks within 100 yards of me at the time along with 10-12 does/fawns. He went right to the middle of the group, singled out one of the does, and chased her around for a minute. As this was all happening a doe popped out right next to my stand and watched. Like a lucky horseshoe! Well he quickly lost interest in the doe he was chasing and luckily moved onto chasing the doe near me. He bumped her, thankfully she ran right in front of me, and he slowly followed scent checking the ground. I mouth grunted and stopped him at 25 yards. I let the arrow fly and the Lumenok had me convinced the shot was gold. He ran full sprint out in to the field until he piled up 70 yards later. DOA. It's been a few years since I had a bow kill so it was nice to watch him drop dead in the field. Actually it's great to watch any kill drop. Autopsy confirmed a double lung.

It was crazy to witness three other deer walk up to the dead buck. I watched a fawn and two other bucks each walk up to, I'm guessing, to see what the heck he was doing laying on the ground???

Even with the dead buck laying in the field the rut action never stopped. I stayed on stand well past dark hoping the field would clear out a bit before getting down. Bucks were still chasing does until eventually I bumped them off.

Lots of pics of this deer, especially in November. Funny thing is he is actually blind in his right eye which is a recent wound. I'm guessing in the past 5-6 days. Deer never saw me coming!!! Amazing that even with injury to his eye all this buck wanted was some doe love. Amazing the power of testosterone!

Unfortunately he is busted up pretty good on his left side. Both his g2 and g3 are broken off. In hind sight would have passed on him if I knew that before shooting him? I'm not sure. Everything happened so fast, I doubt it. I honestly saw that g2 and decided I was taking the next possible shot at him. Besides that uniquely tall g2 on his right side, his main beams almost touch at the tips and are about two inches from doing so.

Time to think about a game plan for my next tag!

Here is some other trail cam pics from the past week or so.


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Nice buck. Congrats!


A few years back I shot a doe during the rut and I had a small buck come through a half hour later and he kept stepping on her like he wanted her to stand up so he could mount her. Funny stuff. She was with a group of deer when I shot her, not acting like she was in heat.



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