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Legacy -The 2020 Season-


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3 minutes ago, Legacy said:

Saw a stud 8 pt today crossing the thomas ave in Irondequoit at 11 am when I was leaving a job site.

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yep, seeing bucks along roads cruising late mornings. With a little bit of moon, they should be running around all night then bed before light for a little nap. Wake up late morning and go cruise the neighborhood. 

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November 12 pm

NE wind 5-10
Partly sunny
49 degrees

First sit since I shot my buck on Saturday. Headed to the stand at 2 and saw a handful of deer on my walk in. Steady flow of deer into the field but at 430 all hell broke loose. A wolf pack of five bucks harassing everything they saw with a stud 8 pt in the lead. Does, fawns, bucks, two flocks of turkeys, and two foxes... Good night on stand.


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I decided to take yesterday off with the temperature swing and it paid off. Bucks were running everywhere, does were moving, just a really fun hunt. This buck came running to the base of my tree from my grunt call at 1 pm. He ran about 45 yards and piled over and another buck came under my tree again and stuck around for a couple minutes sniffing my buck. The rut is here!




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