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Legacy -The 2020 Season-


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32 minutes ago, schreckstoff said:

Great recovery, congrats. I don’t understand why wasn’t there a better blood trail based on that shot? Do you have any theories?


NittanyF - nice job and thanks for sharing, cool story.

IDK man, my only theory is that a piece of internal organ or tissue clotted the hole quick. An instant pass through with an opposite hole

that low should dump blood, but if gravity pulls a severed piece of flesh there, then I guess I could mitigate blood loss. I don’t think I can rightly blame the broad head though, it did do it’s job. 

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So here is what what down, I shot a big ol doe tonight at 18 yards and made what I thought was a awesome no doubt kill (I thought heart) shot. Arrow blows through the doe and she takes five steps like nothing happened, looks back and forth and then walks away with her yearling. I get down after 45 min (after 8 deer leave my plot) and then start tracking. Arrow is covered in blood from start to finish. Find deep red blood and start tracking, find a decently solid trail of deep read blood with a few puddles here and there, the next 20 yards the blood thins and then I hear something trot away, I would assume the yearling. But I can’t find the next blood spot and I am petrified something crazy happened with the shot and I don’t want to take chances. I backed out and I am waiting till I get daylight. 
So here is my question, ever shot a good arrow into a deer that literally acted as if nothing happened? The deers reaction has me questioning everything and my mind is freaking swimming. I practice regularly to 70 yards, did I botch a chip shot that I was 100% confident was a great shot? I’m so rattled. 

Shot a buck once he just literally walked off thought I missed and I’d get the arrow later at the end of the night got down out of tree stand found arrow covered in blood found buck 30 yards away dead.... so ya sometimes they act like nothing happens

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October 2 pm
55 degrees
Full moon
NW 5 mph becoming S 15

Thought is was going to be a great night to sit. Got in stand about 430ish. Chose to sit on the oak flat and protect the acorns from trespassers. Had a young buck come through almost immediately.
Then about 5 mother nature flipped the script. Wind changed from 5 mph nw to 15 mph ssw. Because of the wind change I got out of that stand and ran over to the another stand close by. Just as I got situated the skies opened up and I sat in the rain for the next two hours. Never saw another deer for the rest of the pm except for the six flatheads I saw walking out feeding in the field next to my truck.
Rain or shine... Not many places I would rather be.


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What a experience. Went out to Wyoming for the first time chasing speed goats. First morning within first hr we had two bucks down. And the third one made us work have 6 mile trek into the mountains away from the rest of the hunters. We finally got our third buck Totaling13 miles for day one. We rest on day to and went back out this morning. For day three and finished out my two doe tags tagged out and ready to come back to ny

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