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Seneca Seneca 9/3

Roys Boys

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Pretty cool report on Seneca today, after the big blow I had 2 trips today, first trip out the 7-11am we had steady laker action with 10,12 colors taking lakers, 50 degrees was down 50ft reel rages black, purple ale and tony tiger, black ale took most, then fishing slowed down so hammerhead “laker takers” with gamblers slimers took a few to end the day. The Interesting night trip, the crew wanted to catch a salmon for dinner so we stacked spoons from 40-70ft with cheaters 62-50 degrees, ran 3 leadcores (6,10,12), first leadcore pulled in 220fow 10 color 3lb small mouth kept trolling rigger parked at 60 popped another small mouth, ended up with 4 small mouth 6 lakers and a brown, reel rages black widow black ale took most, never ended up with a salmon but everyone was surprised as much as I was seeing the small mouths chasing bait pods in 200ft +  everything was released to catch another day



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Way back in the old days ( Sept 29, `02) I was trolling for the normal trout species in Cayuga Lake around the Aurora area. I picked these up trolling a dodger /fly down 65' over 100' bottom. These were pretty active that day.

Bass 9-29-02.jpg


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