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Best Trolling Reels?

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Hey Guys,


Looking for some info/feedback on the best trolling reels that folks have used. I’ve been using Okuma Magda MA 30D reels on the downrigger rods.... Daiwa Accudepth 47LC reels on the diver rods. Some of them are 15+ years old and I think it’s time to upgrade.


I’ve looked at Shimano Tekotas online ($200+). And Okuma Coldwaters ($109). Are there any others I should take a look at? Let me know what you guys think.







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I went with 12 of the brand new Tekota "A" s this season and they are the best trolling reel in the market.  The 500 and 600s have the loudest, strongest clickers I've ever heard, and the 300 and 400s are really light, palmable, and castable too!  I do run the little Daiwa Lexa lcs on the riggers, and like them for their size, but nothing like the new Shimanos.

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