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Rods particularly dipsey

Camo Joe

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What type of rods are fellas using for Fingerlakes trout. Especially with dipsey divers?


I have Okuma white diamonds with wire and Cold Water reels on the boat. Standard and Mag divers.


Looking to feel more fight in my Fingerlakes fish. Just grabbed some chinook divers to experiment with. Wouldn't mind finding a lighter rod an reel setup.


Growing up I used 9' light spinning rods on owasco with manual riggers. That added alot of excitement to fighting fish.


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I understand what you want to do with a dipsey rod. However it needs to have enough backbone to release the dipsey. The seaweed and fleas can make it a chore. I run 9ft talora MH  rods and wire line. I very rarely reel in a fish .I let the crew do it .   I tell em I dont want it unless the rod tip hits the water..

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If you are interested in enjoyable tackle to fish with just leave out dipsies.  As mentioned above dipsies just require more rod.  It doesn't take much rod for copper or core off big boards.  Light copper and light suffix 832 leadcore both have impressive dive curves and neither requires a huge reel.  The Denali Myriad 8'6" walleye leadcore rods are fantastic to fight fish on and plenty of backbone for inlines or big fish.  Last year they ran a black friday special for the general public 50% off the $130 retail price.  A quality rod will definitely up your landing percentage as well!


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