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Started around 630 in 100', found warm water, went out to 135, found good water around 125. Ground for about 4 hours before got first King in. 19#. Flasher fly at 120' on the fish hawk at 2.2 seemed to be what they wanted. Second fire short time after resulted in what I thought was bottom, was changing gear, spun boat around, yanked a bunch of times, and it started head shaking!! Got it in, 9# lake trout. Ok! What happened exactly there? Get wrapped around some junk on bottom? Someone's weight with line or maybe a downrigger?! Lol! Third fish 13#, fourth fish 17#. Afternoon bite around 2 is when things started happening. Green flies, white green flashers been good to me. And missed about 5-6 more, but, good day!3923.jpeg3953.jpegKIMG0173.jpeg


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