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Fishhawk not displaying transducer info


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Good Day, 

You don't know how much you need it until its gone.........

My x400 has stopped displaying down info. The surface temp and speed display fine. The down temp and speed or just dashes with the decimal point showing on both. I have tested the batteries and all are good. I have pulled the nose cover and touched across the two temp sensors....no flashing led at all. No led when in the water either. Was working fine last trip out. 


Anyone have any thoughts? 


Thanks, Dave

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just got my new battery pack and wiring replacement. The wiring harness was the issue. I guess the constant pulling off of the 3 prong connector each trip is not a very good idea. I think I will just unscrew the plastic head and allow air in and not take the wires off for now on.



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I'm not sure if the directions say to unscrew the cap each time but I would and am scared that you may wear out the o ring. All I do is take the bumper off every time. Good luck,    Matt

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