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Scotty digital counter problems ???

Mike M

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Anyone else having failures of these counters? Bought 3 new 2116 Scottys in 2013. Been real happy with them. All had a counter with a permanent lithium battery in it. Was told by Scotty they lasted double there normal expectancy. They sent me new counters that run on replaceable AAA batteries. Mind you this did not happen all at the same time. The old counters failed one by one over about a 6 week period. Anyhow all 3 new counters sent to me  have failed. Scotty has since replaced the 3 failed new counters with 3 new ones. The old counters say made in Canada on the back.. New counters say made in Maylasia on package.Person at Scotty pretty much said the old counters were better.Also said we had a bad batch of a couple hundred new counters. Scotty has been good about covering these under warranty. I'm just sick having problems. I'm at a point where I'm carrying 1 or 2 extra counters on the boat just in case. BTW i had another new one fail today.

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Depending on how long ago you received your replacements scotty had a bad run of those line counters I replaced some big jons with Scotty 2116’s all three line counters stopped working they sent replacements and they have worked fine. I also purchased covers for my riggers to keep as much moisture out of them as I could.

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