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Need work done on your prop?

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I recently needed to have my stainless steel prop reconditioned for reasons i won't go into :lol:. I took it to the Propeller Works right here in Canandaigua. They turned it around in one week and it came out good as new and looked like a brand new one. Mike and Dawn are wonderful people to deal with and Mike has been doing this for 40 years so he has incredible expertise at it, and best of all it was done very reasonably. As the boating season winds down this is the time to have the prop work done as things get busy there during the height of the regular summer season. I have been there when he had over 500 props from all over the state at his shop. Props are one thing on the boat that needs to be done right by someone competent in doing it and this is the place. I always like sharing good experiences with places when the outcome is outstanding and this is definitely one of those situations.


  • The Propeller Works Inc

      53 Leicester St, Canandaigua, NY 14424 · (585) 394-1860
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You are very welcome. I'm a firm believer in trying to foster businesses that treat me right, get the job done competently, and when possible are American businesses and local as much as possible. This is especially so with the covid crap in the picture:smile:

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