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Big Boards or In-Line Boards


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For browns in shallow water the big boards are the way to go. Set lines 100'-150' back, either all the same or < the outside line. Place rods in rod holders with the outside rod forward. Get 30 release clips and hope you have to pull the board at 9am to retrieve them.

I use smaller boards out deeper, for copper and in close with J's for the salmon in these application the leads all change in accordance with presentation depth.

Hope this answers your question,


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I run both, but for browns I like the big boards... When I fish walleyes on LO I run the offshore inlines with the upgraded or-18 snapper clip (keep the board locked on the line so you can take it off)..... some things to consider: big boards allow you to run more lines, big boards are more user friendly for multiple hook ups, big boards dont pass directly over the fish, big boards DO have lag time and inlines if you lock them on the line dont (thats why I use the inlines for LO eyes, BETTER hook-ups), inlines dont run as smoothly if you have drematiclly different pulling baits (they dont run in formation well with a big deep RR and a shallow small stick at the same time), inlines are easier to put out for just a couple lines, inlines are cheaper if you run just a few lines, inlines can be harder to read with a small fish

But theres a tool for every job and to each their own..

good luck!

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We only run the big boards. Set back depends what we are fishing for and water clarity. When targeting browns in clear water, I'll stretch'em back to 250 ft. off the tow line. I don't typically fish in boat traffic so i dont usually worry about getting lines cut off. If I am fishing stained water than I'll shorten the leads considerably, but I never run a board line shorter than 100ft. when fishing for browns.

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Hi Stan,

Take a look at this link. It helped me a few years ago. Each type of board has their own time and place.....


Good luck,

- Chris

Disclaimer - I have no personal/ fianacial ties to Team Chaos, I do not use the LOU website for free advertising of any products or to promote any of my own products/services like some people on this site do (yes that's one of my pet peeves)

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