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Lower Niagara Salmon Fishing - Kwikfish replacement

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We've caught a few Mature Kings in front of the Genesee on K15s....


Wow though - you are right - I ran a quick internet search and the sizes seem to go from 7 straight to 14.  Maybe try the Yakima Mag Lips for those kind of sizes? 

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For anyone else following this I bought a handful for Mag Lip 3.0s on the suggestions here.  Availability was limited so I also got a couple 3.5s.  


The 3.0s are more like the old K9 kwikfish and what I would consider trout size.  The 3.5 is more like the K11s and a more appropriate size for Salmon.



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When we fished Fall river Kings in Alaska, the most used lures were Hot and Tots along with Wiggle Warts.casting them out, rapid cranking to get them deep, slow cranking back to the boat or shore. Possession of salmon eggs then is a violation.

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