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Seneca 9/19


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Decided to make my last trip of the season a little closer to home after fishing the big lake in July and August.


Launched at 6:30 and set lines about 7. Worked a 6 rod spread from 80-200 fow and marked fish with intermittent bait the whole way. Other than a smallie that hit a free sliding needle fish, we didn't get a touch.


We pulled lines at 10:30 and had BIG lampreys on all three of my downrigger balls. See ya in the spring!20200919_103939.jpeg20200919_103742.jpeg20200919_085511.jpeg


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Oh man, very sad. Back in the day when we fished the Belhurst hole December to February lampreys would come up and attach to the boat transom. Got out Sunday for a while, had one on for a couple minutes, 60 down over 80, Then a major clustermuck, but a beautiful morning on lady Seneca. 

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We've been through these tough times with the lampreys before and with treatment the lake has come back....have to fish a lot harder and be more creative in tactics sometimes and lower expectations a bit but it can offer an opportunity to learn too when challenged to be more flexible out there and try different approaches.

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There was the same condition in Cayuga Lake in 2013. Once DEC treated the streams it cleared up the lake pretty good. Lamprey's are few and far between now. In order to keep the lake clear a successful treatment would have to be done every four years to keep the larvae in check other wise they will gradually takeover the lake again as what you have now. 


Cayuga Sept 20131412771963_Lampreyattachment2.thumb.jpg.29c50297db8ca4949bcf7220c4ea8d77.jpg

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