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SmartFish Settings

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I had some great success with these flashers over the past year. Here is some video of them in action at two different settings. These were conducted in a test tank. all variables were taken out except the setting on the flasher. Check it out!

Here is an 11:30 setting:

Here is a 4 o'clock setting:

More settings to come!

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Nice video yankee. We did well on 4:00 and 12:00 settings last year. Someone was running them a 8:00 but I never heard any success stories.

Fish Safe,


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Thanks for posting the video's of the smartfish settings for

everybody to see. John Emory has the street cred with me

with all he has invented and innovated over the years for

the Great Lakes community. He is seventy-six years old,

and still out there helping people catch fish.

I understand that he has a new diver invention that is

very interesting, can't wait to see the finished product.

I hope some of the guys will follow your lead and give

his stuff a chance. I know they won't be disappointed.

I had great luck running my smartfish between 2:00-

4:00 o'clock settings.The smartfish really works great

on a diver application. I look for them to slam some

leader boards this year on the tournaments. There Pro

Staff looks good to be in the mix with the big boys.

Mike C

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My 600 copper setting is definitely a 8-9 o'clock setting. I look forward to seeing the video on this setting. In all honesty these things sort of fell into my lap. I received them when we won the Orleans Pro-Am in 2007. I tossed a white on white flasher out there this spring becasue I couldn't find a Spin Doctor. BANG! Derby fish! Then the weekend after that another one on the leaderboard from the SmartFish. After it took our Summer leaderboard fish I was hooked. There is just something different about this product. There probably is a greater learning curve with the SmartFish than with any other flasher, but one learning curve that's well worth it.

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on the lamb,

I spoke to John Emory today, the inventor of the Smartfish, and he is hopfully

making some more video's this weekend of some settings that he wants to

add to his video gallery.

Go on his website http://www.legendaryproduct.com, and he has three video's

posted. The new ones will be of settings he has not posted yet.

I believe he will make one at the 2:30 setting, and this looks like the

Spin Doctor at that setting underwater.

The 8:00 and 4:00 are very good for active Salmon off the divers and copper.

Good luck

Mike C

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I have been running smartfish for this the fourth season,

and I always line my fly up on the same side as the

setting side. On the 4:00 setting I will secure the fly on

the right hole. On the 8:00 setting I will place it on the

left hole. The slowest position to run a smartfish is

11:30 ( Lake trout and inactive kings )

Fastest settings are both 4:00 and 8:00 o'clock for active

kings and steelhead.

No more than fifteen feet off the rigger ball, and never run

smartfish next to each other on downriggers.

One off the corner riggers is fine, and the best application

by far are the divers.

I added a little extra to answer your post Matt, as I think

some people do not take the time to learn how to run

a very deadly weapon.

Good luck

Mike C

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I just started using the Smart Fish out here in California, I contribute it to us landing a number of Jacks last weekend on Shasta Lake. I ran the Smart fish off the dipsy divers on wire ,off each side of the boat. Both where set at the 4;00 setting with Howie flies. I can't wait to use them in the Pacific this Aug.

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Hey Stan and Mike C:

THank you so much for your posts they were very informative. I cant wait to try these out. I have been a big Spin Doctor fan for so long but when I saw these SmartFish, they seemed like they have a big advantage over other flashers on the market.

One last question?? How long are you running your leaders? Are you guys running those out to 30"+


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I will generally run them from 20-30". Most of the time its 22-24". As Mike said above I have found the 8-9 setting to be my go to setting especially on copper. Don't get me wrong.....Spin Doctors and chips do a great job and there is a lot more color combos with each of those companies. However if your looking for a white on white or a green double crush glow or any basic color paddle the SmartFish is a great choice.

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That is where I have my leaders at the 22-24" range as well, but have not tried it off my copper yet. Thanks for the heads up Yankee Troller. I will give the copper a try on Thursday with the Smart Fish. Is there a particular place you run the copper with the Smart Fish ?

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