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Scotty Depthpower Downriggers.

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Sold. 2 - Scotty Downriggers, good condition. Swivel bases , dual rod holders. One of the counters skips once in a while ( may need a new one soon) also clear plastic that covers the line counters came off. Replaced with thin plastic but also could be upgraded. $450 for both. IMG_8599.thumb.JPG.4c906683fa2796cc4c965b4f8d7f34ab.JPGIMG_8600.thumb.JPG.f69b4c901f905c1293dadc572879d358.JPGIMG_8602.thumb.JPG.9dea6f827c57fdc7d2ff93c43d5bebcf.JPGIMG_8589.thumb.JPG.c7baea681ad8b07901e7eccda7d86327.JPGIMG_8597.thumb.JPG.b37da607c627f2aea5871c34c869d5a3.JPG


pm if interested. Thanks



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