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Jax Report - shakedown cruise

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First trip of the year in my boat. Got in the water around 730 everything ran fine, set lines and fished till 1030. Found good colored water east and west of the creek, but due to time contraints couldnt go as far east today as I would have liked. Ended up 3 for 3 with 1 brownie being a hawg at 10 and change. All fish took bright colored stickbaits stretched far back behind inlines planerboards Water temperature was around 37 degrees in the lake with dips up to 40 in front of the mouth of Sandy and the edge of that plume to the east. Gorgeous weather, calm seas was a great morning shakedown cruise.



Now its off to work :no:

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Thanks guys it was great to get back on the water. Got to get the boat up to speed for a run, then gave the kicker motor a work out as well. Everything seems to be working good except the trailer lights are F-ed up. I have to get the trailer inspected anyways.

Next time out I will deploy the Aqua Vu camera! "Brownies on the bite"footage to come :devil::devil:8)

Rob-yes it is definitely nice to get out fishin before work, if your free during the week let me know I try and get out once during the week sometimes twice throughout the season. 8)

Tank-will probably see you out there I didnt get to fish the "good water" last time so I will probably be out over the weekend.

The docks arent in yet if you are shooting for sandy bring some hip boots for loading the trailer. Longer ropes also if the wind is wipping down the creek to hold the back end straight while loading.

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