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Looking to score some walleye from the SLR this fall.   Tried jet divers, big bottom bouncers With stick baits and worm rigs.    Saw some tremendous sonar screens but nothing worked! Tried trolling with current against current.  Weeds were ridiculous. Forty feet of water.     Any ideas or tips     Just east of Morristown.      Thanks guys 



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 maybe Kevin can comment but I doubt those are walleye...if you had a pic of them with imaging, especially side imaging I could tell.  2d is absolutely worthless to me....if you ever have seen a sunken mooring on 2d or anything suspending you would never trust it again.  They should be on the bottom and eating on the bottom not suspending up there.  I wouldn't even put a line down anywhere new till I found walleye.... could be so many things keeping you from getting bit.  Like for starters they can shut off anytime and you simply cannot catch em till they turn back on....like here the Larry is one tough walleye fishery and if it were easy they would be extinct as tasty as they are!!!  In August my boys were up fishing a big bass tournament and practicing and Anthony was fishing largemouths in 4 fow and got on a school of 8lb eyes in that 4 fow...they ate walleye every night... coincidentally I pulled a limit of eyes over 8lbs casting the same week here in 3 fow....temp 85!  I was hunting walleye in there they stumbled on em, but same result...water is 63 now and I can't hardly buy a casting fish but trolled 13 out of 14 yesterday all down over 30.  The one casting was on a keitech down at least 20 over 35-40.  

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