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Cannon Customer Service??

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53 minutes ago, ErieBuck said:

Appreciate your efforts Yankee -- you're a good man.  I will be sure to pay closer attention to the how the line is winding.  Crazy there isn't some sort of level-wind guide on these... hopefully they will incorporate into future designs.  What made you switch to braid?  Any problems with fleas?


Yup, fleas can be a problem, but it's manageable. Thinner diameter allows my presentations to be more efficient with less blowback. Also, it eliminates cable hummm.

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I found info on LOU I think from SK8man that linked to a 200 # stainless cable that got good reviews etc.  it was an on line buy during the peak of Covid, and it came in just a couple of days. I fished with it a couple of times and it worked fine. Also both cable breaks I had were in the cable not at the termination, the last one was 36 feet from the ball, I checked it.

i would buy Cannons, but I do agree that it seems smart business for a few extra bucks to install high end cable from  a reliable supplier.

i hand direct the cable on the spool on the way up unless auto up because of fish on and also us my hand to act as a snubber on the bounce.

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I will admit, I had to order some parts I would deem "wear parts" from Cannon this week. I found their customer service great, and very knowledge. Unfortunately, I feel like sometimes you get the bad apple when you call into customer service. 

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