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ML Downrigger rod


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I need to replace a couple of downrigger rods and the selection here in northern Maine is non-existent.  Mainly used landlocked salmon, lake trout, and brook trout trolling.  I had 2 Daiwa Great Lakes 8 footers that someone liked better than me I guess but want something a little longer. Trying to decide between the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water 9 foot L action and the Okuma Blue Diamond 8' 6" ML rods.  Most concerned with durability.  Is the Ugly Stik worth $10 more?





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I run the newer Daiwa Great Lakes ML Downrigger rods for Brown Trout. They have a nice action, and should be great for the purpose you want them for. They're also inexpensive. I have them set-up with 15lb mono to a 10lb leader. You can find them at FishUSA at this link - http://fishusa.rv5k.net/knnaL


The rod I'm talking about is model GL802MLF

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It sounds like you might like a “Kokanee downrigger rod”. They’re very popular on the west coast for light line and smaller to mid size fish.

If you do a search for them I’m sure you can find some in your preferred length and at every price point.

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