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When the lake isn't rolling huge waves, off shore 29 line 540 fow and north. Some 2 year olds, and steel are there, but its a hunting game. No Intel to go on when you are that far out and no one is there.

An afternoon of 4 hours only yielded one 2 year old with six rod spread. Fish hit a spin doctor and fly on a 150 wire diver 2.5 setting. No other hits for spoons or dodgers. This was Tuesday this week.

Just gotta find a day without crazy water this time of year. Kinda few and far between.

I know I should be hunting but my buddy wants to fish one last time out of Oak for the year.  Any reports or Tips.  Should we not waste our time?



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Friday the 9th was a perfect weather day on the lake out of Oak.  Went out to the 29 line 550 fow not marking a lot but lost a good one at the boat.  Most hits came on the riggers 80down on green and silver mag spoons.  Picked up a hand full of shorts and had a few more releases without fish.  Ran into 150 fow marking a lot of fish.  Took one decent Brown but lost daylight.  Woke up Sunday to a pretty stiff blow.  Packed up and headed home to PA.  Ill be in a tree stand this week but already spending money for fishing in my head.

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