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Leashed Blood tracking dog.


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It's been a crazy run 20 tracks so far this year. It's very different then most think. He doesn't necessarily stay right on top of blood, he "cones " and uses the air currents to find them. It may seem like he's way off but if the scent goes cold he will self correct and go back to the last blood. It's very difficult with other bucks or deer in the area but we can weed thru them pretty quickly. If you want to follow have your trucking boots on. Mostly he's going slow till he hits a fresh track that no one has been on then its go time! Reading him has been so much fun! That's the basics but really it's about reading and trusting your dog. We have really bonded this year.
If y'all hit one bad and have access to a dog limit grid searching and I only like max 2 people to come along basically to keep blood tracking like weren't there. I'll pull you up the track if I confirm blood. We've gone well over a mile still confirming blood. The live ones that are still bleeding we go for a serious hike..
Good luck out there !

Can zed help me find my next deer, regardless on the shot, lol. Just want to watch him work. That had to be awesome to watch.

Great stuff!


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