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Plumbing kicker motor (4stroke) to the large main boat tank

Wrestling Coach

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I want to plumb my kicker (9.9 Merc Pro Kicker 4 stroke) to the main tank. What hardware would I need. Would a check valve/primer bulb be needed to prevent the kicker from pulling fuel and air from the main motor (150 Mariner EFI 2 stroke)

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I used a fuel filter assembly which has 1 intake and 2 outflows for the fuel lines.  I added a check valve between the fuel filter and the motor on each fuel line and have not had any issues.  Running a Yamaha 115 4-Stroke and Yamaha 15 4-stroke, FWIW

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19 minutes ago, Wrestling Coach said:

Thanks. Now let me offer this. This new to me boat does not have a fuel/water separator. If I added a fuel/water separator with dual outflows and went to each engine from there I should end up in the same place. Yes or no?


Yes, and it would be cheap insurance against bum fuel.

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6 hours ago, stinger said:

The primer bulb for each engine fuel line has a check valve in it already.

That they do but not to be trusted in themselves

 Use an anti siphon valve or the above style in addition too. 

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