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Cayuga Taughannock Again. First Since March

Reel Doc

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With the lake level down a touch I skipped Deans and took a trip down to Taughannock. The bridge was a tight fit but made it through and lines in about sunrise.  Ran North on the West side from 80-250 fow running spoons on riggers and flasher fly on the dipsey.  Early on the Landlocked hit a Stinger down 50, then during the 4 hours of trolling picked up 4 lakers, with no other hits.  They were scattered in 80 up to 200 fow, with 2 hitting spoons at 60 and 100 and the other hitting flies first down 75 then down 100.    The screen showed very few marks today and not much bait.  Saw several trollers out but none working shallow, just a few bass boats in there.  Anyone try the boards in tight this weekend?  Got back to the launch and saw the 2 landlocks, (I think) darting in and out from the dock.  Saw the No Fishing sign and thought.....smart fish.....Rewarded my first mate with a swim and thankful for such a beautiful November day to be out on the water.   







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I think the fish you saw near the docks may have been browns too...pretty common in marinas this time of year

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Went out Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (thanks again to awesome friends!) Friday afternoon tried sticks and boards shallow 10-50fow, water was crystal clear and could see trout in groups cruising bottom in about 15 feet, but no takers after an hour and half. First time ever on a boat running boards so I was exhilarated nonetheless. Switched it up and went to 60-80 down, poked around circling off creek mouths from 100-200 and it picked right up, ended up doing 4 or 5 lakers and a salmon with the hits all coming on the shallow side of the loops and the deeper side of the spread. Saturday morning we just went right to what worked the night before, 70-80 over 100-120 and picked up a solid dozen lakers while the Silvers were hiding. Purple was the ticket. Beautiful weather both days and I felt super blessed to hitch a ride.

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