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for sale: can ...........

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I guess these are of no interest to NY anglers.  Fair enough but there is no need to be a smart ass.  If you have no interest, there is no need to comment.  I could comment 100 times to some posts here but choose not to for obvious reason.
It's not like this is a spawn tying machine for $75 or $125.  Lymans are hot on the west coast and Ontario and easily get $30 - $75 USD each.
I revised the pricing just for you two guys in the original listing.  Just for you two.  Nobody else.

$75 a piece? Lol

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Yes - cheap plastic made in China models.  Are those made of cedar?  Handmade and hand painted?  Are those collector pieces?


If you knew anything about original Lyman lures and their value, you wouldn't have posted that.  It's like comparing a Tekota to a Magda 30.  


I thought this was Lake Ontario United, not the good 'ole boys club.  Just as united as, well......you know.  BTW, F.T.P.

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