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Stolen Canoe


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One of the guys I fish with had his fishing canoe stolen from his back yard in Sea Breeze. He discovered it gone last Monday. 15'7" Rogue River canoe with oar locks and oars, red with white interior. It was behind his house on a dead end street so whoever did it was probably local or had local knowledge somehow. Much appreciated if anyone sees one go up for sale if they could let me know. The picture isn't the best but it gives a rough idea. Unfortunately he did not have the serial number recorded.



Steve's Canoe.jpg

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On 11/16/2020 at 10:12 AM, Sk8man said:

If he bought it new might the serial number be on the bill of sale?

I'm not sure if he bought it new or not. We were talking about it this weekend and he said he had another picture of it in which he could almost make out the serial but not quite. I'm not sure if he will bother trying to do any CSI work to enhance the image or not. It is a unique canoe with the storage compartments, oar locks and rod holders. Hoping that might be enough to identify it but the cops won't do anything without the numbers.

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