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Yankee on Oneida Lake Nov. 28th

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A buddy was up from New Jersey to work on his boat, so I said "while you're here let's take advantage of this great weather and go grab a limit of Walleye on Oneida." He didn't even question it. So, off to Oneida Lake we went.


We blasted off around 7:15am and made a few drifts from 15-30' in and around the areas we've been fishing over the last couple months. Didn't really see the thick schools we got used to on our Hummingbird Helix's. Knowing the area we've done good in usually loads up better in the early afternoon we made the decision to troll for a few passes. We tossed out some Bay Rat Short Deep stickbaits behind Offshore OR-12 inline boards and trolled around looking for a possible school. We grabbed 6 eyes trolling with 'Can't afford it' and 'Purple Rain' taking all the fish. 140' back on mono and 60' back on braid. Around 11am we went back to drifting and finished our limit out. Jigging raps in size 7 were good in Glow Perch and Hot Steel. i1Baits gold perch took a few as well. My buddy Nick from Soco baits was out and text us to let us know what he was talking fish on and what depth his bites were coming. 15' ended up being our best depth on the drift.IMG_20201128_140622_816.jpegPXL_20201128_183048452~2.jpegPXL_20201128_205345340~2.jpeg


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