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for sale : usa REB(Robert Edward Baker) Filet Knife SOLD

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Here is a handmade filet knife I've owned for several years.  440c blade that is flexible, maple handle, full tang and actually just a gorgeous handmade filet knife.  Purchased several yrs ago through a high end vendor of handmade knives.   Specs are 6" blade that is razor sharp, nickel silver bolsters, and tiger maple handle that is very ergonomic to hold.  Maker made sheath that has a pop type of fit and holds the knife very securely.  I have never used the knife nor carried the knife.   This is sold


PS  I don't know if this fella is even making knives anymore and it is my understanding that he was located in W. Virginia but I ain't swearing to it.  REB knives just stands for his initials and his makers mark is on the ricasso all though lightly stamped.  




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