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Anyone using light action rigger rods?

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Hi all,


I've been doing some reading and some thinking. I'm thinking of lighter rods for my fingerlakes set up. I've been looking at the ugly stick big water trolling rod in 8'3 light action.


Anyone use a light action rod on cayuga? I'm currently using a ML but I think the light action would be fun, and could likely handle what cayuga can produce. It would only be used on the fingers. My king set ups are heavier. Thanks

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It is alot of fun back in the late 80s early 90s we would get 40lb salmon on 16lb test but be careful who you fish with most people don't understand pull up reel down system and get anxious and put their thumb on the reel resulting in loss of your tackle

Sounds good. Thanks everyone. I'm thinking the light action rod with 15lb main line to the leader would make it fun. Then when fleas show up go to heavier line. I think I'll add 2 of those light action ugly sticks to my rigger reels

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I use eagle claw glass kokanee casting rods 7'6'' ($20 cabelas) on my riggers on all inland lakes

-caught a 7 lb Landlock on Cayuga 2 summers ago on one of them.

I use the smaller hammerhead 3/0 spinners on them as well--no issue at all

I pair it with a garcia 5500 linecounter with 15 lb braid and use 8lb fluorocarbon leader.  


obviously, its too light for the great lakes but in southern reservoirs for trout and walleye and all of new england and the fingers--they are great


good fishin



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We're running a 9' ML action rod that Fat Nancy's has made. A lot of guys run this for Spring Brown Trout on planer boards (not in-lines). They are a great rod and very fun to catch fish on. Almost no control if a King hits, but fun as heck! I think they're Riversides? Call over and ask for Dave if you're interested. Tell him I sent ya and he'll know what rods I'm talking about.

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We've been using fish 307 light action 9ft  rigger rods for the last 4 years for the finger lakes and walleye/salmon/trout up in the adirondacks , works great coupled with 8lb mono ..... was a great time playing an active flying and drag pealing 8lb rainbow one day out on Cayuga couple years ago lol 

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