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Fish hawk placement?


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Got to fish the new boat once and had issues with x4d reading depth and speed at ball. In shallower water 50ft or less. Worked once when i was 80ft dn. The marina i picked the boat up at mounted transducer dead middle of transom. My riggers are on the corners. Im 13 ft wide so maybe to far away?? I tested everything on land by the wet finger trick ant it read temp. Im still undecided on running 4 riggers on corners or just 3 and putting 1 in the middle. Ir just moving the transducer. 


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There should be no problem in the middle where it's mounted now, but it does appear that the surface is pointing straight down. Loosen the 4 screws and tilt it aft as far as you can or about 20*s & it should cure your problem. With it pointing straight down as it is the balls at depth & trolling speed are out of the cone angle.  

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