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DoubleHaul (Nick) and I launched out of Sodus this am. It was chilly but no win to speak of. Trolled for a few hrs with nothing. Water temp was high 30's. Went back in got some lunch came back out with a friend of Nicks that joined us. Once we found some fish we were able to take 7 browns in the 2-5lb range, 1 walleye that was roughly 9 lbs. We didnt weigh her or measure her because we wanted to get her back in. Took a few quick pics with her though. Also got 1 steelie that turned out to be a 45 minute battle with the light tackle we were using. The steelie was released as well. Kept a few browns. Dropped a few other fish.




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Nice report guys! I hope the brownies stick around for awhile our way unlike last season.

I live for this time of year! :yes:8)

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Nice job guys. Not even a 9lb walleye can't get Nick to smile?

Nice job guys!

Really teacher boy break out of the Yankee Troller look :lol: and bust out the smile :P

Mike leave the darn walleyes alone will ya :lol::P

So I guess what your saying is that Nick's friend put you guys onto the fish :rofl:

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