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Wanted Wtb tackle-mate

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Ah.  Good luck! 


I do have a tackle mate, but it's not for sale :)  Got it used here on forums, came with a broken latch tab on the lid.   I reached out to the manufacturer told them what was going on and that I bought it second hand.   They asked for my name and address, and sent me a new one free of charge - top notch service, super fast delivery, couldn't be happier.   So if you come across a busted one - that might be worth checking out.

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3 hours ago, Lightbringer said:

Check out the spoon crank boxes Doug sells (username dhm), there's a classifieds listing not too many posts ago. Basically the same storage idea, more flexibility and a local business. Pretty positive feedback from what I've seen too!

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They look like solid boxes but I dont think its much deeper than 6"...7" at the most. I would like to know myself.


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