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Hi guys, 


new here to the site. It came highly recommended from the hull truth. Just wanted to say thank you in advance for any help you guys have to offer. I have a 21’ Mako CC and live in western Connecticut. 

I am looking to plan a trip up to Oswego with the boat end of May or beginning of June. I’m looking to target browns. 

looking to hear if my timing is the right time to target nice browns? 

i found a best western in Oswego with daily slips available. Any other recommendations for a place to stay? 

thank you, 


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Welcome Rob.
End of May to early June is fine for Browns. Conditions may change what depth you’ll find them in but Browns are pretty predictable.
Lots of great and knowledgeable people here that will gladly provide you with any tips and information to ensure a successful trip.

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Thanks a lot whaler happy to have found this site. I’m hoping I could meet some of the guys here on my trip. I’d like to pay for the help with a few beers 

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Welcome to the site. Great people here with lots of knowledge and always willing to help. I learned much of what I know from this site and the members. 
  I keep my boat at salmon country in mexico. With weather permitting I’ll be putting here in march 20th and start fishing browns.  By end of may/ June I’m more focused on kings,but rough days I will come in tigher to shore for browns. 
  April browns r up close to shore. 10-20FOW. As the season progresses they go a little deeper. 
Best of luck out there

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