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Day off and decided to give the perch a break today. I have zero ready for winter trolling, about a week behind with that, so I grabbed some jigs that I recently tied up and to casting the shoreline Dad and I went. Wind was on the calmer side to start and we were able to use the preferred set up with 4lb test and 1/8oz jigs. Had to bump up to 6lb and 3/8oz as the morning progressed and SE winds pickup up pushing us along. The salmon were definitely schooled up and only in certain areas, when we caught 1 another 1-2 were sure to follow. One brown, the rest were salmon, zero lakers. The grill is heating up for the few we kept. Tomorrow will be spent prepping planer boarding rods and gear. Fun day but Sunday we troll!



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34 minutes ago, Reel Doc said:

Nice going.  Way to get it started in the skinny water

Thanks Greg-Keep in touch

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When you fish jigs in the shallows like this, how are you retrieving, are you bouncing them off the bottom and reel them in? I've  been trying to figure out a technique to cast in skinny water in a kayak, just to take a break from trolling. 

Close to bottom as possible, but not on it.

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