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Pix one  Brn Trout

Pix two Brn trout    Dead and Picked up by tail and laid on the floor,

Squeezed the tail, Jaw extends beyond the eye..

Pix three LL  look at tail  definite pointed arc I wish we had a full salmon picture Im sure we will get one...




The boards been quiet.


Its raining and cold. Just starting a discussion not a war,



cay brown.jpeg

Hook brn.jpeg

land 2.jpeg

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Fishstix has a point though it is a close call if you closely look at the eye position relative to the mouth accounting for the angle of the photo (drawing a straight line through it at that angle) and the fact that the tail could be a bit compressed to look slightly forked. Another thing is the general body shape   and size of the peduncle area near the base of the tail looks somewhat slender.The spotting on the gill plate could be either. The patterning of the spotting and what appears to be the absence of spotting on the adipose fin and overall look suggests Landlock though, but i think it is a 70 to 30 percent call and the only way to really fully know for sure is looking at the roof interior area of the mouth; one set of vomarine teeth (LL) two rows brown.. It looks to me with just the photo to go by  a LL but it is one of the closest adult ones in pics I have looked at that is questionable

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When I was up at Hughes for about 20yrs we would go round and round about atlantics and browns.The two rows of teeth was the true identifier. [Thanks Skateopedia]    Im not just throwing this out there. The guy that caught it was a diary {sp} keeper. Long time fisherman knows his fish. Wrote it down as a salmon first and after close inspection changed it to brown.




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Adding to the mystery:  I just magnified just the adipose fin 1000 percent without totally pixilating the image and it does appear to have spots on it which actually look like them rather than bands at that magnification. I am also wondering if those fish may cross-breed. I thought I saw some time ago that if they did they would be hybrids and sterile but don't remember where I saw it. Fishstix is right "confusing" Thought I had it sorted out but.....

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