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Daiwa 47LC. Reel works as it should. $40 shipped to your door. SOLD


Daiwa 47H. Reel works as it should. $40 shipped to your door.


Daiwa SL175H. Reel works as it should. $30 shipped to your door.IMG_20210126_162904642.thumb.jpg.870a22e4c548fc73a5d314f4cd66dbf9.jpgIMG_20210126_162918189.thumb.jpg.dffeca3c388df5738bb0d142b7fdd6a9.jpgIMG_20210126_162927052.thumb.jpg.7d4c36ea3d6b83719bb63610770c7b12.jpgIMG_20210126_162951591.thumb.jpg.4738b39d5edcf63350ba65de6434b54d.jpgIMG_20210126_163006872.thumb.jpg.95c66e2db034a08d45c55832325a04ee.jpgIMG_20210126_163018772.thumb.jpg.231ebe77c3abd3b7805144d01cff416e.jpgIMG_20210126_163032386.thumb.jpg.ddc82462f6c247df68b037dccb61dd35.jpgIMG_20210126_163053629.thumb.jpg.8a3364671a05d8298d41f43297f4f51f.jpgIMG_20210126_163038997.thumb.jpg.87943e5cf039b1f604c6194b87753418.jpg


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