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We're looking to put in a few food plots at our lease this year.  The large field is centralized on the property and is about 4 acres.  I would really like to plant corn there and maybe mix in some beans.  I've been searching around for a 2 row corn planter and really haven't found much.  Any suggestions on where to look or recommendations?  Thanks!

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I run a 2 Row JD 7000. Prob the best planters ever made. You can find them used for $3-$5K. Prob is they don’t last long when they come up for sale. I’d stay away from the Cole style planters. They only like perfect ground like sand or rock free to run correctly. I had 1 of those for a couple years and was glad to get rid of it.

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I have tried corn at my camp and have planted as much as 5 acres...    In almost all cases, it was gone by mid December..   I am much more a fan of planting a mix of brassica and turnips as it provides much necessary food after the rut winds down and winter takes hold...   The deer will dig thru 2 feet of snow to get to the bulbs after the greens are gone!   


Much easier to plant too!!

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