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Tampa Bay Bucs local player / someone special

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With the winter keeping us reading more than fishing, I thought I’d share a little story. Those of you who don’t know, there’s a player on the Bucs that was drafted from a local college (Hobart). Not only is he one of the best lineman that’s ever come out of that school, and will be on the front line this Sunday blocking for Brady, he’s got the soul of someone remarkable, someone taking time out of his day to do something special for someone he doesn’t even know.


You see, last year my significant other was hit with the breast cancer news. Those of you who have been through it in your family or knows someone that it has impacted already knows the path that she was facing. Well, after the long summer / fall she made it through, and the stars, moon and sun were all aligned at the end of the trail. After her surgery she was deemed free of the monster! All of her hard work along with friends and family support, made the journey for her so much more bearable. Her strength was just incredible. So where does Ali Marpet fit into this? Well he heard about Jens story through a friend and his college coach about the good news. Ali and his significant other took the time to send her some positive vibes her way. I can’t tell you what it meant to her. Yes, she’s always been a Bucs fan, and an Ali fan but this year is special. This Sunday she’ll be wearing that special hoodie this weekend that Ali wrote “Selden Strong”on it. I’m sure a little screaming “Go Bucs! will be heard. Here’s a little snippet of Ali from Hobart and our Jen.




Damn, we’re looking forward to some serious lake time this year.



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Unless Tampa makes it to the super bowl again, it's likely the only time I'll cheer for a left guard. Unheralded for the protection of the MVP, 74 rocks.  Best wishes for your wife, her victory out shines any football game

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