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Hudson River Stripers.. on jigs?...

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 I used to catch them at the Jersey Shore when I lived there, but its been over 30 years.. I am aware of the good  spring fishing upstate in the tidal sections of the river.. All I can find  online  about  catching them though is bait fishing only ... Drifting sea worms, either sands or bloods, on a weighted rig with a  swivel and 3 foot leader either on bottom or at  the depth the fish are suspending at.

Also some guys chunk  fresh herring on bottom while anchored or fish live herring IF you can  get them legally...
 I see NOTHING about catching these fish on jigs however which seems very odd to me, because  in the same river further downstream they smash jigs with abandon at the same time the guys  30 miles up river are using $2 a piece bloods and feeding them most often to white perch, eels, white cats of 9 inch stripers between decent size stripers.. I know a few captains troll for them and catch some big ones, so I imagine they will hit lures at certain times and places... Wondering if anyone on this board has had any luck catching these upstate stripers on jigs, or is it not worth the effort?... bob

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