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Trolling motor batteries


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I used Interstate 27s. Not bad, but when I had a chance to upgrade to 31s I did and there was a noticeable difference in useable hours...like 3 hours difference. I went from 5 hours to 8 hours.

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6 hours ago, RodBuster said:

Lithium Ion Batteries are starting to come down in price. Up front cost is high, but life cycle cost is lower than lead acid. And, the batteries are much lighter.  

Just saw them advertised at Bass Pro...$500 each! I am sure you can find them cheaper but yikes! 

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I'm late to this thread but the information I post now will be good information for future use. you get what you pay for when you buy a battery. we have wet cell batteries, AGM and lithium lifepo4. standard wet cell are not meant for heavy duty use. 100 amp cost about 100 dollars. you can only discharge it to a 12.20 state of charge. this is 50 percent. next AGM. they build a different kind of battery. you still have to be careful how far you discharge this battery also. 50 percent is what they say works well for this battery. I never let my AGM go below 30 percent. this is 12.40 state of charge. the best AGM to buy are lifeline and the vmaxx battery tanks. they cost up to 300 dollars for a 100 amp battery. they have bigger AGM also but cost a lot more. I have one vmcxx now its 5 years old. good battery for the money. you can buy them on Amazon for 250 dollars for a 100 amp battery. lithium is different tecnology. I have one now. its 100 amp battle born battery. I paid 950 dollars for it 3 yrs ago. I think now they have come down to 900 . what I like about this battery I can discharge it below 50 percent every time I use it. company says I can discharge down to 20 percent with no damage to the battery. I use lithium in my camper when I do a lot of boon docking up in the high hills of the central Adirondacks. lithium has some very serious disadvantages when you use it below 32 degrees. you can still use the battery but can't charge it or you will destroy the battery. lithium if you take care of it. this battery should last 10 to 15 years with 3000 to 5000 charge cycles. my battle born comes with a 10 year warranty. next you need a battery charger for lithium. they cost up to 150 to 500 dollars for a high amp charger. next you need a battery monitor. the state of charge is all different with lithium. I use the vectron battery monitor. right now the only lithium I can recommend is battle born. there made in the US. all others they sell right now don't match up to the battle born. lithium some day will be a standard battery in our boats and RV. but it will take at least 10 years before they come down to an affordable price. over all lithium is the best battery we can buy. that depends how deep your pocket is and how much you want to pay for a battery. 

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