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Bright sun spoons


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Looking to pick up a couple dozen spoons for the upcoming salmon season. Have no problems getting bites early with carbon 14, seasick waddles, rv seasick carmer, rv road toad being my best producers. As the sun gets higher these spoons die. Have had luck with black and green uv stingrays and some uv warrior spoons but would like some suggestions on more spoons to pick up for when the sun gets high. 

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These typically work for me after the early bite wanes and sun gets higher (maybe 8-10 or evening bite if I am out) when I am up the month of July:

Stinger - NBK, Lance 2 Face, Green Alewife UV, Tri Klops

Dreamweaver - UV Blue/Green spotted, Chilly Willy, UV watermelon

Moonshine - half moon Atomic Melon and Green Shorts


I tend to keep a Mag or reg. Chilly Willy or an NBK Stingray running on a 200' copper in the water most days once the sun gets a little higher.  One or the other produces consistently and all species pretty equally.

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Thanks for the suggestions, just put in an order for some of these. Last June off Sandy we found the kings in 50 to 100 fow early, down 20 to 50. As the sun got higher the fish moved to deeper water (200 to 300+) and deeper in the water column (40 to 100 feet)

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