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Cayuga Fabulous February Morning for Fishing

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9 hours ago, Trouthunter said:

Nice landlock how big ,weight & length

First one 23&1/2 but very thick body.  Second one 1/2 inch longer but lighter weight.  I measure them for the DEC diary but rarely weigh them.  Largest lake trout just shy of 30 inches and a very stout fish.  All caught looked very healthy with just one having an old lamprey mark

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49 minutes ago, wormser said:

How deep of water and how deep are the fish typically this time of year?  I hope to get the boat on the water in the next week or two and have never fished this time of year.

Last week there were fish in 10 fow and down 150 in 300+ fow.  Fish in shallow were active early but the sun broke out and they shut off.  Moved deeper to find them then crossed the lake and the biggest were down deep in the middle of the lake.  With even temps throughout they seem equally dispersed.  If you have a Spring/Summer setup you like just start there and adjust accordingly.

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