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Rhys -Davis herring strips


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There are probably a few old timers that remember the original Rhys-Davis cut bait I am a rabid cut bait ( meat) fisherman. I found this article interesting, hope you do too. The introduction of VHS spelled the end of the RD herring strips in the US. Rhys would not change his method of preparation. RD has been bought by Delta-Gibbs and I find that no good comes from this merger No other cut bait made since can come near the quality of the RD strips. I mourn the passing of this product every year






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Thanks for posting. There are some golden tips and rules of thumb in that article and most of it transfers to Lake O  and other fresh waters as well. :yes:

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Check out these strips that have been compared to the classic RD strips. They are Alewife and Glow in the dark. We ship to New York. Mention this post for and try our Natural for $9.99




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