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Long Point or Deans Cove launch updates?

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Heading up from the south this week and have been out of touch with the winter weather, would like to fish the north end of Cayuga and wondered if the launches are free of ice and snow. I see the water levels are low, would be in a 16 ft Lund. thanks for any information.

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Drove by Deans yesterday and from 89 it looked clear and a good warm up is coming this week.  I checked the lake level and it is 9 inches lower compared to when I last launched at Deans in January.  That day we were nearly to the end of the dock with my 24 foot rig, but otherwise had no problems.  With a 16 footer I'm betting you will be fine.  South side of the dock is flat past the concrete ramp so you can drive into the water some if needed.  I would recommend you bring a shovel as often a lump of washed up debris at the water line that is a little awkward to maneuver through for launch and pull out.  Let us know what you find when you go.

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