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Livewell/wash down pickup help


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Okay so I have an interesting predicament. I have my live well and wash down pickup at the back of the boat as normal. But while I’m putting around any faster than an idle. Especially on plane. It won’t pickup water. For obvious reasons. Is there something I can do/build so it can pickup water while I’m driving? Thinking a cup of some sort so water will be scooped as I drive. Regardless of speed

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On 3/11/2021 at 11:42 AM, hard knox said:

I would install a quality brass thru hull raw water pickup made of brass and a brass ball valve shut off .

Bingo!  Put a strainer in between. Otherwise winterizing it will be not-so-easy.  You need to be able to suck the antifreeze through the pump, so you pull the top off the strainer and pour in the antifreeze solution as the pump runs. 


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