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Kayak transducer mount

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I mounted mine through a scupper hole. There are alot of diy ideas on youtube. Pick one that matches your application.

My scupper holes are located so they are in a high spot in the hull so even though the xducer is not flush mounted it is still tucked up and is at minimal risk to get hit in shallow water.

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The dlx anger is a single-layer hull, so you can mount the transducer right in the hull and shoot through it - you would loose water temperature reading if the 'ducer has that option.


I have a different old towne kayak - it's got open cell foam sandwiched between 2 layers of polyethylene, so I had to hang the 'dcuer off the aft end with a RAM Mount RAM Track Ball Transducer Mount.


Looking to see if I can find a picture of that set-up.  

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