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Raymarine Quantum 24 Wi-Fi only radar


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I have a Raymarine Axiom 12RV MFD and am considering a new radar system to replace the older vintage radar on my boat today which is approximately 12 years old and only accessible on the older C70. Does anyone have any experience, installation or other with this product? WiFi shouldn’t be an issue in Oswego, but I’m not sure I have the experience to tackle this without some guidance. Looking at install manual, it appears the only cable is a power cable. Thanks



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I have the same Axiom unit. Once you install the Radar unit and open the Radar app on the MFD they should communicate with each other without trouble provided with units are running the same software version. v3.13.103 Edgartown is the most recent one.

My RM Radar is wireless although also has the option for a wired connection via a Raynet cable. I wired it as I have an aluminum hard top and wasn't sure about possible communication loss.


Raymarine has adapters for the power wire plug so you don't need to run a new power wire.


Also an inline rocker switch or absolute shut off should be on the power wire as there is draw when in stand by mode.


On Raymarines website they have a forum which is a good resource also if you email support they are excellent. 

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