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Niagara bar wave and weather


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Looking at coming in middle of may for the weekend and fishing the niagara bar. My question is what wind do you look for or more important not want to have for that area to make it not very fun. Also general waves vs wind speed and direction for that area. I know on my part of erie anything out of the north over 5mph and it's no fun and east isn't much better.


I look at iWindsurf and NOAA for erie is there anything else guys use for ontario? Thanks in advanced.


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Early spring fishing success depends on locating warmer 42+ degree water near shore where creeks and drainages hit the lake. Watch your surface water temperature gauge and side planers out fish long  liners. Stick baits that float up on turns or stopping for snagged spoons will make your fishing enjoyable. Muddy water has clearer water underneath  and cover the fish from the high sun light.

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